In memories of laba daba 2019

This was our fourth LABA DABA festival in which we participated in and sold our produce. And somehow it happened that this is our most awaited summer market. Wonderful people, atmosphere, good music, all of these things create great memories and a need to return here again and again.

This year LABA DABA was very special to us – never has our car been this full of stuff. And it was because we finally carried our our long-planned workshop. The preparation was not easy, as always everything was done at the last minute so we had to work very hard in order to get everything done in time. 

A huge thank you to my dad for the invested work, for bending and welding metals in order to transform the rivet press so it can be comfortably used to press in different drawings onto the leather. At first i was worried that the press won’t be able to endure the pressure, because when were testing it the day before it wouldn’t cooperate, but thankfully everything went smoothly in the workshop and it was in top working condition. It is definitely worth mentioning Elina’s excellent work in drawing and graphic designing visuals with tutorials and workshop signboards.

In the workshop you could create personalized leather bracelet or a leather keychain, choose the color of the leather, ring, rivet or button. For those who were not in a hurry, there was an option to burnish the edges of the leather the same way we do it to our LACIS original wallets and the most of our produce – burnishing  with water and beeswax, as well as try out how it is to sew leather with your hands as we do it usually.

We were very surprised by the big interest, because there were many people so on saturday we didn’t even have time to sit down, not even mentioning time to eat. For the first workshop everything went smoothly and according to plan, we didn’t forget to take anything and luckily nothing broke, and assisting was not as hard as we originally thought it would be. We are beyond happy that our invested efforts were not in vain and that it resulted in amazingly spent time and receiving a positivity boost.

We are already impatiently waiting for the the next LABA DABA festival.

Thank you to everyone who participated in the workshop, creating your bracelets or keychains.

It is absolutely not our last worksop, we are planning to develop it further and our next one is going to be on 17th of August at Kalnciema street and on 18th of August at Riga City Festival at Krastmala. Come and try it out, we will be very happy to meet you and teach you something new at the same time.

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