Leather dyes and thread colours

Here with us you can freely personalize your accessory, free your creativity or simply stay with classics – that’s for you to choose. In our collection we have nine leather and thread colours, a total of 81 different combinations. Lets not forget about variations that come from combining different leather colours in the same product, for example, the outside of the wallet is in green leather and the interior is left natural/undyed – give as a message, share with us your ideas and together lets make what you wish for.

Idea behind it

We believe that it’s important to have freedom of choice, that way we can include everyone in the making process of their own accessory and in our opinion it’s cool. For some this can be an accessory for a long time and its wearer will always know that its made just as they wished it to be.

True Handmade feel

When working with undyed/natural vegtan leather we can do so much more, in comparison with predyed leather. Of course it all comes with additional work, due to there being more steps involved that also come with extra risks to fail, but we believe it’s worth it. Our own hand dyed leather has unique character, it reflects very well in visible uneven colouring – real handmade, that completely highlights the true beauty of leather, that most often in factory dyed leather is well hidden with thick layers of dyes, that way hiding flaws of lower quality leather.

LACIS-original-leather- (2)

Examples of our works

Axe handle protector
Made from natural/undyed leather and light green thread

LACIS-original-leather- (22)

In natural, light brown and black leathers, all that hand stitched with cream white, brown and black threads. These are the classic colour combinations that can be seen in our shop collection

Watch strap
Walnut dye and gray thread combination is something to consider. Combining different colours can make interesting results once aging/patina starts to develop – leather becomes darker, shinier and smoother to touch, however thread stays mostly the same

Key chain
Just a quick, Fun project and a gift to my brother. Made from leather dyed in red colour. No thread used, beautiful copper rivet as a cherry on top

Axe handle and head protector
Leather dyed in yellow and green, hand stitched with cream white thread. I was in doubt of this combination, but honestly the result is amazing! In second picture the leather is freshly dyed, thats why there are darker spots. Once dry, polished and waxed it has completely different look

Watch strap
Made this for myself to see how patina (aging) will look on natural/undyed vegtan. Second picture is the very first week after making it and in the third picture we can see the same watch strap, but after daily use for little less than six months. Patina develops naturally, its a slow process that doesn’t happen overnight. However there are some things that can help with speeding it up to get that beautiful patina quicker – being outside often (sunflare) and daily use (natural oils from human skin by touching or taking it in hands)

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