Horizontalist / Light Brown

Small and thin three compartment wallet.
Minimalistic, can be used by everyone.
Meticulously crafted by hand.



The ‘Horizontalist’ is the first in the ‘LACIS original’ wallet collection. It has a simple design and thanks to the size it sits comfortably in hand. After long use, the colour of the leather becomes clearer, the texture is smoother and it will have a unique look – patina. Ideal for carrying in the front and back pockets of trousers or shorts, small clutch bags and handbags. Thanks to its simple design it can be used by everyone.

Small and thin three compartment wallet. Designed for six bank cards, that can be increased over time, and folded paper money.

Enter the world of creativity!
Get wild and choose your own colours, make it really unique, show your true inner-self! Want to get some super ‘one and only’ designs – mix different colours in same product? Write us and let’s make it happen!

Why doesn’t our wallet have as many pockets as it is often in other wallets?
Minimalism should not be overwhelming.
The second most important reason – we do not use fabric and paper in its structure. The ‘LACIS original’ wallets are made using only leather. From the very beginning, the thickness of the leather should be taken into account in the design of the wallet. A large number of pockets increases the overall thickness of the product.

Our ‘LACIS original’ products are meticulously crafted by hand. They are made from specifically selected materials so it could last a lifetime.
Read: Lifetime warranty and find out which products it suits.

We hand dye leather at our workshop – unique result with no two identical pieces;
Before cutting we polish leather with beeswax and oil mixture conditioner;
We cut leather pieces by hand using knifes;
Hand stitched – saddle stitch. We use round stitch punch for more unique stitch line;
All edges are burnished smooth using sandpapers and finished with burnishing agent ‘Tokonole’.

Width: 10.5cm / 4.13in
Height: 6.5cm / 2.56in
Thickness, closed: 0.7cm / 0.28in

Materials used:
Natural Leather – Vegetable tanned leather from tannery in Tuscany, Italy;
Thread – ‘Ritza Tiger Thread’ from a factory in Germany.

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