Leather Belt / Brown

Simple and minimalistic.
Custom made/tailored to your waist size!
Durable brass buckle.
Meticulously crafted by hand.



We chose to make our belts to be simple and minimalist, highlighting the natural nature of the leather and the details of the brass. ‘LACIS original’ belts do not need to be sewn, glued or otherwise processed because they are made of thick vegetable tanned leather. These belts will also remain visually attractive after many years. After long use, the leather color becomes clearer, the texture is smoother and it will have a unique look – patina.

The belt buckle is made by heating brass until it becomes liquid and then the molten metal is poured into a special buckle form. The result is a durable, one-cast brass buckle with no welds, brass is a soft metal and it can withstand a lot of load.

Enter the world of creativity!
Get wild and choose your own colours, make it really unique, show your true inner-self! Want to get some super ‘one and only’ designs – mix different colours in same product? Write us and let’s make it happen!

Our ‘LACIS original’ products are meticulously crafted by hand. They are made from specifically selected materials so it could last a lifetime.
Read: Lifetime warranty and find out which products it suits.

We hand dye leather at our workshop – unique result with no two identical pieces;
Before cutting we polish leather with beeswax and oil mixture conditioner;
We cut leather pieces by hand using knifes;
All edges are burnished smooth using sandpapers and finished with burnishing agent ‘Tokonole’.

Width: 3.1cm / 1.22in;
Length: by order.

Materials used:
Natural Leather – Vegetable tanned leather from tannery in Tuscany, Italy;
Stainless metal parts – Brass Belt Buckle and Chicago Screws from UK and US manufacturing sites.

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